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A Government Payments Technology Provider

We support numerous fee-based payment models to manage all your Government commerce needs

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Multiple Processing Models to Support Every Department

Service Fee


A two transaction, revenue neutral model for all presentment methods where the Government receives their funds without incurring Card or ACH processing fees.

Convenience Fee


A single transaction model for card not present and online transactions where the Government receives their funds without incurring Card or ACH processing fees.

Site & User Fee


A two transaction, revenue neutral model for certain presentment methods.  Great for for events, donations, ticketing and other miscellaneous Government payments.



A single transaction, cost based model for Governmental entities that  prefer to pay for all associated payment  processing fees.

Government Payment Solutions

In-Person & Online Payment Solutions
We get it, taxes and billing aren’t the only government commerce taking place today. Regardless of the need or complexity, our suite of PCI Compliant over-the-counter, recurring, mobile or online payment solutions can address your every need. In addition, our Flexible Fee-based technolgy supports numerous payment models and capable of servicing even the smallest department budget.

Integrated Software Solutions
Integrated payment solutions lies at the heart of what we do.  Our easy to integrate web services documentation is openly published and already integrated into numerous management and enterprise solutions. If there is a particular software that you are interested in, please give us a call today to discuss. 

Revenue Neutral & Flexible Fee Solutions

Budgets come in all shapes and sizes and there are many different payment models that today's Governmental entities qualify for. Service Fee processing, Convenience Fee, Site Fees and Traditional processing all present opportunities to optimize a unique card acceptance strategy.

Tax & Billing Payment Portals
Our Industry compliant and hosted Billing & Payment Portal technology empowers our clients to present 2 or 3 factor authentication to view billing invoice data and to pay due balances. The portal can be accessed via your website with a a secure link and you have full control over what the consumer can view..  The Portal is also available via APIs/Web Services.

Recurring Payment Processing

Recurring transactions are rapidly becoming the fastest growing payment model in today’s economy.  Constituents are adopting these models to better manage their monthly financial commitments and savings.  States, Cities and Counties are no exceptions and regardless of the need, GovTeller can support just about any recurring model you can design. We securely tokenize all our card and ACH payment credentials and provide detailed scheduling alerts if and when they arise.



Governmental entities are faced with the challenge of collecting payments across many different departments and for many different services... find out how GovTeller can help!


About Us

Convenient Payments, LLC., a privately-held company based in Draper, Utah, is a leading provider of secure, compliant and innovative fee-based payment technologies for the public and private sectors.  Thousands of merchants, campuses, medical offices and governmental entities across the country rely on our secure Level 1 PCI DSS compliant cloud-based solutions and our expertise to manage all of their card present and online payment activity.  In fact, our Teller solutions have been servicing clients of all sizes since 2004 and we offer the most complete payment processing solution for industries wanting to accept credit/debit card and ACH/eCheck transactions.


We pride ourselves on the vast amount of payment expertise we bring and the range of payment solutions we deliver to our numerous clients in various public and private industries. Our payment service teams work alongside every client with the highest level of professionalism and consultation to ensure your organization deploys the best overall payment acceptance strategy. Give us a call today to discover how your business could benefit from our Service Fee, Convenience Fee, Site Fee and Traditional payment processing solutions. For more information please visit